Digital Media: It’s all so confusing!

Tips for branding you business online.

Well, what is digital media? Companies seem so scared to take the plunge and join in on all the fun. It’s not uncommon for a business to have no online presence or an unmonitored online presence in this digital era of what is known as the internet. SO the big question, where does a business start? What is the best type of media for them, or should they just use every single one?


The first step I would recommend is to define your audience, find out who you want to target and what form of online media they mostly use. With this in mind it is important to remember that usually only one type of media is not enough, linking one with another one or two usually induces somewhat of a ripple effect of followers, fans, and likes.


Number two would be to identify what social platforms you want to use, David Kirkpatrick believes that Facebook and Twitter are the two overall leaders. Facebook offers an abundance of information which can also act like a smaller blog with shorter daily posts, whereas Twitter is an update system used every hour or so to explain what is happening in your business or life to you customers, followers, or fans (whatever you feel is the most appropriate term for the people online).

“They’re not going to take away the aspects of the social layer; Google Plus is Google”

What about the lonely Google Plus, the black sheep of the digital media family that nobody seems to use, why do Google keep pushing for people to use Google Plus over other platforms. Using Google for its reach most likely won’t give you results, however Google Plus is prominently google, it’s not just a product but a small part of everything Google (Google Mail, Google Drive, Youtube, Maps, Analytics etc.) and having things link up to other things makes life a whole lot easier.


Words by Shaun Constable

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